Games that exercise the brain can help people at any age, building up mental capacity, cognitive reserver while also entertaining.  You're invited to use our tests and games on your site and help advance the cognitive revolutionScientists know that the earlier change is detected the better chance there is of maintaining and enhancing brain performance.

Studies (Stanford, UC-Irvine, Scripps) show our tests can detect slight changes in the brain; accurately measuring variations in cognitive performance - yet are free to everyone.

Get Involved. Join? Get a code sample below,  here or after most tests,  adding games and tests to your site:



  1. Help advance the state of knowledge.
  2. You are aiding in humanity's understanding of the brain.
  3. Get a faster brain. Improve performance for everyone
  4. Easy to add to your sourcecode.Change dimensions

Offer advanced science today and to participate in
programs to generate revenue for your site as these
are developed.

Contact us here for more information on using the code of each test, embedding on your site and also APIs for health-related
applications. For example, research using MRI and cognitive testing can elicit both visual and quantitative data.

Cognitive Labs can also be embedded in self-service wellness applications, gadgets, and either html or content-management environments using standard compliant html/xhtml. Please contact us above for additional guidelines on using the tests.   


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