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Father of Theophilus Michael the Amorian

Palm Drive Palm Drive and the Quad at Stanford

Maryland University of Maryland

Michigan The University of Michigan campus

UC Campus South Hall - site of the first physics lab in the U.S.

Yale Scene at Yale University

Line Rider 2 
Beta Version

Castello San Angelo The Castello San Angelo is one of Rome's early monuments, transformed over the years..

 Arches NP

What happened to this rock?

Caliente Pepper
Peppery Brain Test

Frogger A classic


Acuity and Color Matching Test

Clock Challenge Stop the Clock. Tests your 'control'

Bubbleshooter Select and Zap the Bubbles

Squarix A son-of-tetris cognitive challenge

T2 Tribute

Fan remix of pinball classic

Bubble Pop

So you want to pop the packing bubbles...

Its Chemical break down

Laser Light

Lab Lasers Create Light Globes

Brain Scan
Image created from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Route 66 66 kicks
An old highway crossing the western U.S.

Interminable Will you click the dot?

Brain Gear

It's not age, it's cognition that determines ability

Tower of Hanoi
Tower of Brahma
Test your mind with this classic math challenge

Metro Match Match images with cities

Who was Tesla?

Ladybug How does your garden grow?
A natural garden alternative


How did it get started?

Summit Everest was climbed in 1953

Block Breaker Develop a path through the squares utilizing quickness and selection ability


What kind of performance can you turn in that improves your brain while saving the Earth?  find out

Monkey Isle

Build a maze so the monkey can cross the water

Brain Health

What can you do to keep your brain healthy? New Tips.

Orange Dot Test
Move the dot around the screen, watch the time! and collect glittering prizes!

BrainAging The Cognitive Aging Exercise

2 Minute React
Quick Free  2 minute Test - how fast do you react? Reaction time is lllinked to Longevity in several recent studies. Check yourself


A cross between Rubik's Cube and Tetris.


Pix exercise your Memory with science.

3D vector graphics  perception - curve the ball to beat your opponent

Make a Square Before Time Runs Out.

Flower Power

Go Back to the 60's. Aim at the Flowers. Peace, Man.

Tech Mogul the mogul!
Tech Mogul Game. Train and React at the Same Time. Game won Netscape 'cool' award       


Irene of Constantinople, coin

Block Breaker

 Blast a  path through the  squares. Quickness and Attention.

Air Hockey A Classic Speed and Reflex game meets the Web! Unlimited play.


Entertaining cross between stackopolis and blockbreaker.

Space Escape

Test how fast you can accelerate the spaceship and (watch out!) for sudden wrinkles in the fabric of the space-time continuum. This game is great in tandem with the simple reaction time test (AKA thinking speed test)

Center of Milky Way
The center of the Milky Way galaxy in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius...

Flow Guide a protozoan through a primordial sea. The more it eats, the more it evolves. The creators pioneered a new kind of game.

Super Tetris
Recognize, respond, and manipulate changing patterns within a few seconds


Excellent chess game...fun

Kurzweil's Vision
Zillions of Nanobots

 the Tomb 2step
Another Tomb...."What can you see?" asked Carnarvon. "Wonderful things, "gasped Carter.

Letter Rip
Using moving letters, this game tests your ability to organize


Kick the ball as high as you can - great for the reflexes


Classic Memory game - remember lights and patterns (Here it is)

Mission Mars
This game exercises your visio-spatial perception,  reaction time, coordination


Nano-Implants, anyone? Hand, eye, and brain coordination

Canyon Glider

Fly through the arches at Arches NP in Utah, soar above the Colorado River. This game helps you learn the keystroke commands.

Pharaoh's Tomb
Fun puzzle and reward game  is an action maze. If you like mazes and crosswords you'll like it. See if you can find King Tut.


Line up the stars, if you can...

Rubik's Cube

Online Classic - change colors and patterns or 'skins'

Ball Bounce

A simple rolling ball game...Fascinating! 

Battle Pong

Here's a twist on Pong: reaction time, perceptual  threshold, reflexes, fun!


Action game mash-up with a gobbling ball


Rolling ball is hard to aniticipate


Fast mind action game

The inverse of tetris


Another game with patterns  and motion, challenges reaction and recognition


'3d' ball game - activate yourself!


Fun reaction-time based space game.


The Puzzle Game Sweeping the World

Mash-up of classic
reaction time, perception - open source version

Rev. Asteroids

The inverse of the known game


A Word challenge

Spaced Invaders

Version 1.0 look and feel - Elegant and simple open source. Trains reaction and  perceptual threshold.


A litte harder than the original retro.

Think Pink

Can you get away from the pink blobs?

Tetris (original)

Forever a classic like Elvis and Devo, from the Rubik's cube era. Open source version.


Good for the brain. A radioactive brain twisting puzzle game


A game from before wysiwyg processing, peek, poke, and sprites

Where's the Widget

Another game where you need to organize falling shapes! Lots of fun.

Word Fast

Speed Typing Competition

jaxa HD moon HD moon and earth


Clone of the arcade classic - Go!

2001 Clarke Tribute

Cognitive Games with sights, sounds of 2001

Yellow Flower Image

Mohandas K. Gandhi - a man of Peace

Clone New - Classic

Diner Dash A Classic - Find the Objects

Chase the Rainbow
Which smiley fades away?

Shape Inlay
Can you position the shapes?

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